Current Coal Prices

House Coal (20kg large nuggets)

RSS feed of House Coal (large 20kg) prices
1. Co-op £9.00p
2. Pentagon £9.50p
3. Quants £9.75p
4. Patch Coal £9.90p
5. ATF Augres £9.90p
6. Romerils £9.95p
7. Country Fuels £9.95p
8. Roberts Garages £11.50p
Last Updated: 15/11/17

House Coal (20kg small nuggets)

RSS feed of House Coal (small 20kg) prices
1. Romerils £0.00p
2. Co-op £0.00p
3. Quants £7.99p
4. Pentagon £8.00p
5. Patch Coal £9.30p
6. ATF Augres £9.30p
Last Updated: 15/11/17
1. Pentagon £10.56p
2. Quants (CPL) £13.25p
3. Patch Coal £13.50p
4. Country Fuels (CPL) £13.50p
5. ATF Augres £13.50p
6. Romerils (CPL) £13.95p
7. Roberts Garages (CPL) £14.90p
Last Updated: 15/11/17
1. Quants £13.25p
2. Patch Coal £13.50p
3. ATF Augres £13.50p
4. Romerils £13.95p
5. Roberts Garages £14.90p
Last Updated: 15/11/17


20kg large nugget bags - This is premium house coal and is one of the most popular fuels for open fires and some coal burning appliances.

20kg small nugget bags - This traditional coal ignites quickly, has a good heat output and burns with a long and natural flame.


  1. The prices are for non-account customers and include GST.
  2. Payment is required upon delivery of the coal or at the point of purchase.
  3. The quality of the coal may differ between suppliers so consumers need to check first.
  4. Patch, Quants and Romerils offer a free delivery service to your home, which includes tipping the coal into your coal bunker.
  5. None of the merchants stipulate a minimum order but some may offer discounts if the order is 5 bags or more.
  6. Phurnacite and Home Fire Ovals are Trade Marks.
  7. Please note that there are other eco-type coal products available from selected suppliers, that are not currently listed on this site.   
  8. Always shop around and look out for current deals!

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