Frequently asked energy questions


  1. Where is the best place to go for Energy Advice?

    The energy savings hotline is available to all Jersey residents. The team are available to answer calls during normal office hours. An answerphone is available out of hours and a member of staff will call you back.
    Energy Efficiency Team.
    They can be contacted on 441611
    E mail:
    Web Page:
  2. Am I on the right energy tariff?
    If you are unsure whether or not the tariff you're on suits your own particular needs, both Jersey Electricity Customer Care Team (505460) and Jersey Gas Energy Centre (755577) will be happy to advise you free of charge.
  3. What energy savings can I make?
    You can get find information on saving energy on the States of Jersey Energy Efficiency Service webpage ( Alternatively, you can contact the Energy Efficiency Service team on 441611 who'll be happy to provide free and impartial advice over the phone and post you their advice booklet 'Easy ways to save energy & money'
  4. How much energy do electronics and computers consume?

    Consumer electronics and computer equipment now represent 15% of home electricity consumption. Energy used by these devices is expected to triple by 2030 unless actions are taken to increase energy efficiency.
  5. How many units of energy (kWh) do I consume annually and how much does it cost?

    We suggest you refer to your quarterly electricity and/or gas bill. As well as informing you how much you need to pay, the invoice/statement will also indicate you how many units of energy you have used in the last quarter. As there will likely to be seasonal changes in your usage, your bill in the winter is likely to be more than your bill in the summer. We suggest therefore you keep all 4 quarters bills to calculate how many energy units you're using in a year. If in doubt, please call your energy provider who will have a record of how much you have used and spent.

    If your property is heated by oil, to calculate the number of energy units (kWh), simply multiply the number of litres of oil you use in a year by 10.35 which is the conversion factor of litres into kWh. So a property which consumes say 2,000 litres of oil per year will have an energy requirement for space and hot water heating of 20,700 kWh. 

Energy Efficiency Service

eco-activeThe States of Jersey Energy Efficiency Service provide free and impartial advice, as well as online tools to help you reduce your energy bills. By making your home more energy efficient you could make significant savings on your fuel bills.


Visit or call the energy advice hotline on Tel 01534 441611 to find out how you could start saving money today.

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