How does it work?

Jersey road fuel: a broken market

Markets work best when prices are visible. Jersey's road fuel market doesn't work properly. There are no roadside price displays of the kind you see everywhere else in the world, and the only officially published price information is in the Jersey Consumer Council's monthly newsletter. So as a Jersey road user you can't compare prices easily.


Until now!

An online community project aims to fix Jersey's broken road fuel market by creating total price visibility online.

You won't even have to drive past a fuel station to see its prices - before you even go anywhere you'll be able to find them here.

Using price information submitted by members of the public, we hope to provide real time price information that will drive better value for fuel consumers in Jersey.


We're collating information that's already in the public domain, and making it as visible as possible online.

Drivers and riders - we need your help!

By signing up and submitting price information you see, you're helping all Jersey road fuel users to get better value in future.

You can submit price information via the home page of this website on your computer, web-enabled phone or other mobile device. The site has been built to work perfectly on mobiles. (Please observe fuel forecourt rules on mobile phone use!)

It's super simple - just three bits of information each time, and the website is pre-loaded with all the fuel stations in Jersey so you can choose yours from the list.

What price does the website show?

The prices shown are the most recent price at the pump, for each fuel type, for each fuel station. Each fuel station is only shown once.

Please only submit the price shown at the pump! It's down to fuel stations to promote their own loyalty and voucher schemes. is all about the price at the pump.

Fuel station owners

We'd love it if you'd submit your own prices - best way to keep them current. Please feel free to sign up and submit as often as your prices change.

Spurious price information

We can't stop people from deliberately submitting incorrect price information. If you see something that's obviously mischievous or deceptive, please let us know by clicking the "Report bad information" link below. We will remove anything we believe is deliberately deceptive.

About the website

The website is administered by the Jersey Consumer Council.

Home Energy Check online tool

PenguinThe Energy Efficiency Service has commissioned a Home Energy Check online tool for Jersey. The tool aims to help people understand what energy efficiency measures are suitable for their home and how much they could save on their fuel bills by installing them.


Simply visit  and then click on the red button to register.


You'll be asked some simple questions about your home, ranging from the type of windows you have, to the light bulbs you use. The tool then uses this information to make personalised suggestions on how you could improve your home's energy efficiency to help you to stay warmer, while also reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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